About Us

Stafford Old Library Trust is a Registered Charity and has been formed to save this beautiful, unique and valuable building, preserving it’s status as a architecturally and structurally excellent building, and it’s rare status as an authentic statement of the historical, social and technological landscape in which it was designed and built.

Stafford Old Library Trust - About Us

We want to see;

  • Sustainable, accessible, high-quality venue to nurture, showcase and celebrate Stafford(shire)s talent;
  • Bring together Staffords artists from all the different genres – whether drama, music, dance or the visual arts, whether technological, classical, contemporary or folk based;
  • Community arts and heritage centre, with a social and cultural ethos;
  • Performance/Bar/Social area (music, poetry, storytelling, open mike etc.);
  • Art Gallery (local artists, whether up and coming, student, good quality amateur);
  • Exhibition Space (local history including natural history/geography, heritage centre);
  • Little Theatre (upstairs there is a lecture room with a stage already installed);
  • Therapeutic Arts Space;
  • Education Facility;
  • Space for hire for arts workshop/arts based organisations to meet/train etc.

The first task is to raise the funds to purchase the building and to do that we need the help of the people of Stafford, see how you can support us.

Please contact us, we’d like to hear your views.